From the Pastor . . .January 2024

pastor & staff – Reverend Dr Terrill Sorenson

O God, Our Help in Ages Past,
Our Hope for Years to Come

Last week I ran into one of the kids Pastor Sara and I had in confirmation when we first came to Bristol. It was fun to see them and talk with them. But afterward, I made the mistake of applying arithmetic to that pleasant little meeting and figured out that this “kid” was closing in on 50 years of age. Where does the time go?

It’s 21 years ago about this time that we came here to Britton. We brought with us a fourth grader and a first grader. They are 30 and 28 now living hundreds of miles away from us, on their own. Where does the time go?

This last year I went to the funerals of three of my closest friends. I had experienced all parts of life with them, worked with them, had loads of fun with them, and gone through tough times with them. We stayed in touch even when there was distance between us, and now they are gone. Where does the time go?

Tempus fugit said the Romans, “time flies” and indeed it does. For us it goes far too quickly and we are left to wonder, where does the time go? To give an answer I will begin by saying where the time comes from. It comes from God, the creator of the universe and the rolling spheres. Time is a gift given to us by God, and he doesn’t just give us time, he fills it with his blessings. He gives us blessings like confirmation students, children, parents, dear friends and family, and a thousand others.

Now the, where does the time go? It goes to the one who gives it. It goes to our Lord and maker. He stands over and above the calendar and clock. He is the one who through Christ’s death and resurrection has brought salvation to us and opened up eternity for us. The time, our time, all time, is going to his new day, his new kingdom where we will need no watches or day planners.

So as the days fly by don’t fear their passing, enjoy them and give thanks for them. Know that this life is but a taste of the time your God has stored up for you.

God’s blessings in the New Year!
Pastor Terrill