At various times during the year we have what we call Brown Bag Bible Study.

This is a Bible study we hold over the noon hour and invite people to bring a sack lunch and be fed by the Word and their food. These studies go for various lengths and have covered several things. We’ve studied Genesis, Jonah, Luke, the Augsburg Confession, C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity, Hebrews, and others. The study is usually live-streamed on the Parish Facebook page. These studies are open to anyone and all are welcome.

Starting Thursdays Jan. 4 at Noon

There are a lot of theories and interpretations of what the Bible’s book of Revelation means, some of them are useful, some are not. We invite you to join us as we make a trip through this book that is often seen as frightening. In the process I believe we’ll discover good news. Come and join us at First over the lunch hour at First, or join us on live stream Britton Lutheran Parish Facebook page.

Everyone is invited to join us. Bring a sack lunch and spend some time in God’s Word.
We will livestream these lessons on the Britton Parish Facebook page. Come and join us!