Annual Meeting Time

Why Should I go to the Church’s Annual Meeting?

It’s easy enough to talk about why you might not want to go to the annual meeting. We get to sit through a lot of meetings in this life and it isn’t always all that much fun, why add another when you really don’t have to? Then probably the biggest reason is that you just might wind up with a job if you are on hand at the meeting.

So why should you go? Well here are a couple of reasons:

  1. It is your church and maybe God will surprise you by what he shows you.
  2. When you get involved it will make it easier for others to join in, and well you just might find out it is more fun than you thought.
  3. God might have something for you to do, it’s happened before: Abraham, Moses, Peter, Paul, etc.
  4. You’ll get a sense of what all it takes to make the church keep going and you may get a better appreciation for all the wonderful people who do so much.

There are many other reasons besides these so come and see what’s going on. It won’t hurt a bit. You might even have some fun.

If you have a report for the Annual Report please get it into the church office as early as possible in January so we can get the whole report assembled. Thanks for your help with this.